Be Better Club
is where learning and personal development are achieved with the assistance of committed professionals.

The Club philosophy                       
Is based on the conviction that personal development is a natural human requirement, only fully achieved in contact with others.

The principal aim of the Club         

To support our clients in the achievement of comprehensive professional and personal skills enhancement, by accompanying them in the acquisition of knowledge as well as the development of emotional intelligence.                         


We have been teaching since 2001. First as Fun Learning Foreign Language Club, and from 2008 as Be Better Club.

The standard of our services  
The measure of our success is the level of satisfaction of our clients. A satisfied client is the "most valuable advertisement" and the best reflection of our commitment.

How do we assure our quality?       

At our regular team meetings we analize the progress of our students, their current needs, and the best people to do the job. Furthermore, costant training and self development are a must in this enviroment.

At our Club your progress counts! You are welcome!